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nhanc is proud to be one of the leading companies to deliver a cloud based accounting solution designed for customers in the Middle East. eldaftar is the easiest and most flexible way to help you manage your accounting information.   
nhanc adopts quality standards in each and every stage of the software life cycle in order to ensure world class software delivery to its customers.

Technology used
eldaftar is a Web Based Accounting System implemented with ASP.Net using a mix of .Net 3.0 Framework and SQL Server 2008 database.

The on-Line system benefits from this technology by allowing the web front end and the database back-end to run on different servers. Moreover, the system uses stored procedures for back-end processing.

The quality activities of eldaftar software are conducted throughout the whole development life cycle to provide objective insight into the maturity and quality of the software processes and associated work products. 
Backup and security 
To ensure your data's security over the Internet, eldaftar stores your data on very highly secured servers protected by firewall, redundant servers, intrusion detection software and hardware in addition to security systems and personnel. We also automatically back up your data on a daily basis to help protect your computer from any harm that might take place.
Moreover, the software gives you the option of downloading and Backing up all your critical financial info in minutes in addition to setting a schedule for automatic online data back up to save them on your local server, if needed.
Live On-Line Trial Application!
Please take the time to review eldaftar accounting system today! You can review any of the system functionalities and check out the available reports just by clicking on one of the links on the left. This option allows you to test the system by adding, removing, or processing the data that you want. 
eldaftar is designed to be as easy to use as possible. You don't need to have an accounting knowledge. If you know how to create and send invoices, file your bills and follow up receivables then you will be easily capable of using eldaftar. To provide you with additional help, we offer easy visual and written instructions and simple, recognizable forms so that you can quickly and confidently be up and running, in addition to a user manual that is easy to understand and use. 
Whether you are into accounting or just a business owner with almost no financial background, you will be a professional in just a few hours by using eldaftar online training sessions (EOTSs) in both Arabic and English languages. EOTSs save ages of learning and practicing accounting rules by mastering the simple procedures of eldaftar. 
Product Support, Automatic free upgrade and everything you need
By acquiring eldaftar software package you will have access to a full use of the features of this package including automatic upgrades to the selected version at no extra cost, secure storage of your data, and 24*7 free online support. You can add optional features at any time for an additional monthly fee.

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