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nhanc provides online services for small medium businesses such as pharmacies and clinics or let us call them “TheSMB”. The online service covers the end to end operation of the TheSMB which includes customer transactions, stock control, cash register, reconciliation of cash, receipt printing, executive and operational reporting, etc… TheSMB manager will be able to access all his application functionality from anywhere with unlimited capacity and performance based on the Cloud technology. The application will provide real-time tracking of sales and usage of the system with no infrastructure requirements. TheSMB can have multiple locations that are running at the same time with consolidated reporting ability for TheSMB management.

On the backend side, channel partners, content and advertising agencies will be able to use an administration tool to push advertisements or content based on their marketing campaigns with automatic online payments for their usage. These activities can be done in a real-time fashion leveraging the capabilities of the Cloud Technology.


“Enhancing lives through the unlimited potential of the Cloud”


“Delivering exceptional business value to individuals, industries and governments through advanced cloud solutions”

Success Factors

• Innovative business models
• Partnerships

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